Hospitality Portrayed



The Noodle House
The international brand “The Noodle House” from Jumeirah International and now operating in Riyadh since 2009.
Lusin, the Armenian cuisine, with its first location in the high end mall “Centria” in Riyadh
The Melting Pot
 Share holder and operator of recently acquired American Franchise “The Melting Pot” with the first branch scheduled to open third quarter 2012.

We understand you

Mira Foods is a 21st Century company dedicated single-mindedly to creating signature restaurants and retails food outlets that provide niche consumer groups with the ultimate in eating and pleasure experience in professionally designed environments.

We create trends

Our team key players enjoy a long history and experience in the field of food and beverages that made our organization capable of introducing benchmark concepts and trends in service, food and environment.

You have an important role

Our structure is dynamic and evolves continuously to maintain a more productive atmosphere. We utilize up to date systems and technology in order to support this structure by collecting feedback and constructive data.